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Meet Amy...

 I love being part of these momentous occasions. I want to help you create a memory that will last forever, that you can fondly recall with wonder and nostalgia. I believe the beauty is in the details and that every detail counts. I love helping individuals create events that tell their story and celebrate their lives. And…I believe that you can never take life too seriously and that laughter makes every day better! 

There are some moments in life that will change us forever!

Hello! And thanks for visiting. I believe that life is full of precious moments. Days that stand out from the mundane, the ordinary. And those days should be celebrated and enjoyed. Those days won’t come again. Time rushes forward and we are on to the next big adventure.

Get inTouch


Get inTouch

•  I have 4 children- none of them have red hair.

• I fell in love with my husband Mont because he’s #1 handsome and #2 funny! Laughing is my favorite!

• I have more freckles than I can count!

• I love to sing and if you look hard enough on Spotify, you can find my music.

• I used to be a wedding singer!

• I love to read, write songs that no one will ever hear, play guitar and occasionally paint.

•I don’t go a day without singing! But singing is not allowed at the table. (no one follows that rule)

• I could live on chocolate & Dr. Pepper!

• I love the mountains and can’t imagine waking up and not seeing them every day.

• I cry when I’m happy and when I’m sad.

Fun Facts about Amy

"I sustain myself with the love of family"

Maya Angelou